Stop hair fall the natural way

Stop hair fall, the natural way

Hair fall is a worldwide problem for both women and men, however, it is common especially in women. To stop hair from falling and Stop hair fall the natural waythinning you must take good care of them.

Oil massage

A natural oil such as almond oil, coconut oil, mustard or oilve oil is the best nourishing tonic if massged regularly into the scalp. After that cover the head with a warm damp towel to produce steam insided that helps open the pores of your scalp. This ensures penetration of the oil deep into the roots, thus begins to work fast.


Take sufficient amount of meat, chicken, salmons, sardines, liver, kidney, beans, fresh fruits, raw vegetables, cereals, beans, eggs, milk and fresh drinking water to provide the hair with necessary nutrients. A balanced diet will surely give enough supply of biotin an essential vitamin for hair growth, vitamin A, Vitamin C and protein.

Hair products

Always use shampoo, conditioner, styling gels and sprays that are mild, high-quality and compatible to your hair type. Dyes are strong and are damaging to the delicate strands, so avoid them or use rarely.

Relaxed mind

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  1. dear i am also suffering hair fall probem and so worry abt this. i will try to follow ur instruction bcoz i want healthy hair

  2. ya hina i too have the same problem. U knw in campus we used to wear hijabs nd no one could see split ends. I dont care much for their health exfcept for getting an oil massage and good conditioner. How ironic! degran nasihat khud mian fasihat. LOLz

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