Styling Tips For Curly Hair

If you are born with curly hair, first of all understand that your hair is no mess and muddle. In fact many of the people with straight hair must have been jealous of your hair at one point of time or the other. You have natural style about your hair, something that gives you a special zing in your looks, something unique and different from the crowd.

Do you even realize that many girls with stick-straight hair spend hours trying to get a curl like you? So, do not think of getting rebounding done. Rather, there are several other experiments that you can try with your hair. Read this article to know how to style curly hair.

Prevent Frizz
Style is effective only when hair is properly cared for. There are a few basic care tips that need to be kept in mind before anything else. The problem of frizz is one of the most irritating problems that people with curly hair face. The simplest solution to this is the use of deep conditioner with silicone. It will help retain the shine and luster of your hair.

Use Blow Dryer Correctly
The blow dryer, if not used properly, can make your look nightmarish. All those people who have curly hair should always use a diffuser while blow drying their hair. In case you do not have a diffuser handy, aim the blow dryer nozzle downward, in the direction of hair growth.

Use Comb
If you have curly hair, prefer using comb, instead of a brush. It is because combing your hair will help your have clear curl locks, which will enhance the beauty of your hair, in turn.

Curly Hair Looks Best If Long

3 thoughts on “Styling Tips For Curly Hair”

  1. Nice article, I have to say that I am a bit surprised in reading the statement, “In fact many of the people with straight hair must have been jealous of your hair at one point of time or the other”, I grew up in Pakistan with a head of curly hair, that eventually grew long but I was always the brunt of jokes as curly hair is not considered as beautiful as long straight hair is in this culture. I spent a lot of time each day trying to straighten out my hair just because I did not want to be made fun of by others.

  2. The writer is telling the truth I lived in most southern states growing up and girls were always trying to put curls in there hair. And always complaining that the curls wouldnt stay. Im surprised in Pakistan there isnt a diversity in acceptance of curly and straight. I moved to Colorado most people have straight hair here but menn love my curly hair and it stands out when majority of people arond you are in straight hair. Straight hair is boring to me at least everyday it is! Love your curls!

  3. i had chemo hair came back curly omg i dont know what to do with it, i would like to wear it down, i hate having to ponytail me! its shoulder length,type 3 curl…..ewww

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