Summer Drinks for Soft and Shiny Skin

Summer Drinks for Soft and Shiny Skin

Summer Drinks for Soft and Shiny SkinThe key to beautiful vibrant skin in summers is drinking lots of liquid in some or the other form. Apart from 2-3 liters of plain water it is highly recommended to drink some herbal and fruit juices that keep the skin well hydrated and glowing. However, all cola drinks and tin/bottle-packed juices must be strictly avoided. Your health is our concern, so we also have natural beauty tips for every problem.

Sip Gooseberry Drink

Soak 4-5 gooseberries (also known as amla) in an earthen pot, cover it with a lid and leave it as it is overnight. Next morning mash it all roughly and strain the juice in a vessel. Mix jaggery as per taste. Drink this once in a day, preferably in the morning. This fruit controls the body heat and improves the skin resistance enabling to fight all odds.

Enjoy Sugarcane Juice this Season

Sugarcane is the cooling seasonal fruit apt for summers. It is best to have it before six in the evening. It keeps the skin hydrated and brings down the body temperature.

Get Radiant Skin with Watermelon Juice

Watermelon juice is good for bringing down the body heat. Take out the pulp of watermelon by removing the seeds; add little ice and a pinch of black salt. Mix all well with a blender. Strain it and have the drink in small sips. This juice is excellent for having the glowing skin because the water content in this fruit is too much, pertinent for summer skin.


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