Best Dressed Celebrities at Fashion Pakistan Week 4 Day 2 Sania Saeed Ayaan

Best Dressed Celebrities at Fashion Pakistan Week 4

FPW4, Fashion Pakistan Week 4 showcased Autumn/Winter collections of Pakistani designers last month in Karachi. The fashion week was a huge success & many celebrities attended the event. Q mobile, the first local mobile phone company in Pakistan was the sponsor of FPW4, presented their E960 mobile phones to two best … Read more

Fawad Khan SILK

Celebrity Entrepreneurship – Turning designers

Celebrities like actors and actresses’ venturing into entrepreneurial ventures is nothing new. Be it Hollywood celebs or superstars from our neighboring Bollywood – we have seen examples by the dozen where individuals have sought to secure their future earnings.

So why should a celeb in Pakistan be any different …? A celebrity is a “brand” in its own right, which is why they are branching out into these other domains.

And honestly speaking there is nothing wrong with the entire concept of securing one’s future while all the pomp and glory is surrounding them. We have all seen cases like the Late Mehdi Hasan and Alamgir where in their hay day there was money coming in while the fame lasted, but in the later stages of their lives they have had to seek charity to survive!