Turquoise jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry Is Absolutely Magnificent Examples of turquoise jewelry have been found that date back to ancient Egyptian times. The famous burial mask of Tutankhamen as adorned with turquoise and there were many other pieces of turquoise jewelry found in his tomb. There have also been numerous pieces of Aztec … Read more

Jewelicious: Gems galore at L’atelier

Jewelicious: Gems galore at L’atelier

Jewelicious, a Lahore-based brand for jewellery, wrapped up its two-day exhibition on June 10 at L’atelier. Azmat Akbar and Uzma Toosy, joint partners heading the brand, offered a very affordable range of interesting jeweled accessories for wedding and other formal events. “Maria B was wearing our label at her wedding,” … Read more

How To Make Homemade Jewelry

Jewelry is all about creativity and when you are looking to get creative with your jewelry without really putting in too much effort, a pair of earrings is the way to go!
You can begin putting your earrings together by first picking out the right beads and the right color. The design and size of the beads totally depends on your personal sense of fashion, as does the color of the beads.

Keep Your Precious Jewelry Sparkling Clean

Everyone, specifically ladies, loves jewelery. Now you have an accessory any particular one can not merely carry out without having. Nonetheless, folks are hard-pressed to keep it clean and gleaming. You are able to obviously take assistance from a specialist jewelery cleaner, but these can be fairly costly. There are … Read more

Ethnic Jewelry

Ethnic jewelry will be earthy and organic, quirky and eccentric, chunky and cheerful or miniature masterpiece. The vary of ethnic pieces on the market includes not only traditional crafts, however works by up to date designers furthermore antique items and funky things created as half of community projects. Whether or … Read more