PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week Lahore 2011-2012

PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal week has held first time in Pakistan. Every top designer were called upon to present their bridal collection 2012 on the ramp of PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2012. If the first day of the bridal week is anything to go by, one expects the entire … Read more

Market advantages, Mughal gold

Mughal Jewelery Collection by Syma Raza and Hamna Amir

The hike in gold prices may mean bad news for some, but for the high-end luxury market it can only mean one thing: higher returns. The demand — so close to wedding season — remains unwavering despite spikes in prices, especially for formal sets. Consequently, a red carpet event at … Read more

Jewelicious: Gems galore at L’atelier

Jewelicious: Gems galore at L’atelier

Jewelicious, a Lahore-based brand for jewellery, wrapped up its two-day exhibition on June 10 at L’atelier. Azmat Akbar and Uzma Toosy, joint partners heading the brand, offered a very affordable range of interesting jeweled accessories for wedding and other formal events. “Maria B was wearing our label at her wedding,” … Read more

Fine Jewellery by Sara Taseer Shoaib in Karachi Now

Sara Taseer Shoaib is bringing her finest collection of diamonds to Karachi on 11 August, 2009. The showing will have all her signature everyday pieces as well a full range of her sets which are limited editions for the upcoming wedding season. The jewellery is designed by Sara and is … Read more