Noor inclines to Hrithik this time

Rising star Noor, who started her acting career as a child star and become a heroine in her very first movie Jan Jan Pakistan, wants to marry Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan who has become the craze of young women.But there’s a condition – he has to become a Muslim first. … Read more

Loving Meera

As right as rain, Meera’s been in the news. For all the right and wrong reasons. It’s been alleged news in showbiz corridors about Meera starring in Mahesh Bhatt’s next venture. And she’s been on a whirl gig globetrot for the past few months. Which all adds up as the … Read more

Pakistani Director ventures a Hollywood movie:

Film ‘Genius’ is very pretty to look at, directed by Babar Ahmed, a Pakistani, in Hollywood. Babar Ahmed has won multiple awards for his short film ‘Mother & Son’, and ‘Genius’ is his first feature. Last month, “Genius” was presented at the world premiere of one of the most famous … Read more