Taking Care of Ingrown Fingernail

Whatever makes a hand presentable definitely involves a good fingernail. Most women would readily believe to such for how good could a hand look if it is without a nail?  So how do we care for a problem such as an ingrown fingernail?  Let’s start with what composes the nail. … Read more

Your nails can Indicate about your Health

Having good-looking nails is great because every time you stretch a hand, people notice your manicure (or the lack of it) and this creates a positive or a negative impression about you but there is more to nails than pure vanity. Nails are not only for decoration. Rather, they have … Read more

About Nails

Nails are one of the last parts of our body to receive blood and nutrients during times of illness. Therefore, nail appearance is a signal of vitamin or mineral deficiency or body changes. But that’s not the whole story. How you take care of your nails is also important. Our … Read more