Taking Care of your Make-up Brush Set

To keep the brush applicators in your make-up brush sets helping you look good for a very long time it’s a good idea to take good care of them. They would love to be stored neatly in a makeup box, maybe even a special tool box of their own. Don’t leave your cosmetic brush unattended in your powder room. You never know what they might get into! Good faithful brushes, stored properly, can spend their useful lifetime with you!

While looking for a few good brushes for your make-up brush sets, you should try them before taking them home. A brush with soft bristles works best for soft looks, but it can’t be too soft or it won’t pick up the color. Now, if it’s too hard, it will feel scratchy and it may even irritate your skin. Avoid cheap discount brushes.

Also, you don’t want the brushes in your make-up brush sets going bald on you after you adopt them, so try this; if the unfortunate brush looses more that a few hairs when you run it along the back of you hand, don’t take it home. And if more than a few come off when you gently pull on the bristles, leave the brush behind.

Which Brushes to Have in your Make-up Brush Sets?
Retractable Powder Brush
This is one of the largest brushes in your make-up brush sets and it’s used to apply loose face or bronzing powder (mineral powder) evenly. Use the same brush to dust off the excess powder from your face (same size as kabuki brush except with a handle).

Round Powder Brush
Same as above except for the rounded handle and fan style bristles which allows for a wider single application.

Eyebrow Brush / Eyelash Comb (Lash Separator)
This two-tools-in-one is the one to use for brushing eyebrows up and outwards to give definition to your eyebrow. Use the eyelash comb to separate eyelashes and for combing out excess mascara from your eyelashes after it dries to prevent clogging.

Angled Eyebrow Brush
Sometimes this brush is used in combination with an eyebrow pencil to darken your eyebrows or to fill in spaces where the hair growth may be uneven. Choose sable hair for fine eyebrows are and hog hair for coarse eyebrow hair.

Mascara Wand
Use the mascara wand (included with mascara set) to apply your mascara. When needed, comb through your lashes using the eyelash comb to remove excess mascara and give your lashes and even look. A must for make-up brush sets.

Dome-Shaped Eye Shadow Brush
This type of brush’s hair is graduated from short to long in a rounded, dome shape (eye crease brush). You should use a different brush per different application (example; one to shade, another to highlight). The neat thing about this brush is that, because of it’s rounded cut, the shadow clings to the brush in such a way that is allows the particles of shadow to be distributed evenly across the eyelid. They are available in different sizes. Another must for your make-up brush sets.

Flat Eye Shadow Brush
This brush (eye definer) is used to blend in the color only and should not be dipped into the powder, shadow or blusher at all. This type isn’t as good for applying powder or eye shadow since it doesn’t allow the color to be distributed gradually.

Smudge Brush
This is the perfect brush for applying eye shadow close to the lash line for a smoky lined eye. An ideal brush to smudge or soften pencil lines or to place powder over pencil for added depth and wearability.

Blusher Blending Brush
Can be larger than your blusher brush (cheek brush) and the hair can be either rounded or straight cut. Use this brush to soften the edges after applying blusher. And never dip it into your blusher container; this brush is strictly for blending the blusher on your face.

Retractable Lip Brush
Must definitely be a small firm-tipped brush (lip color brush) to ensure a perfect lip line and give you greater control over applying lip color. Of course, you could still achieve a clean lip line by carefully using an average-sized brush. A must for make-up brush sets.

Foundation Sponges
Sponges allow you to get into creases easier and they help avoid streaks when applying liquid foundation because sponges apply cake powder lightly and evenly. They need to be replaced when they look shiny because they pick up oils on your face. Latex sponges are available in a variety of shapes and forms. Keep sponges clean by washing them once a week. Sponges are an important addition to make-up brush sets (good for applying concealer).

Makeup Brush Set
This kit contains a collection of seven best-selling professional wood-handle makeup brushes including:

  • Eyebrow brush
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Eye crease brush
  • Blusher blending brush
  • Blush brush
  • Lip brush

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