Altering Your Makeup Application Technique Over Time

Altering Your Makeup Application Technique Over Time

Altering Your Makeup Application Technique Over TimeHow we applied our makeup when we were 13 years old probably isn’t the same technique that we used when we were 23. So why would we be using the same old technique from when we were 23 to when we are 33 or 43 and beyond? Changing our makeup application techniques from time to time is important not only so that we keep our look fresh and updated, but so that we are also keeping our look age appropriate.

One of the biggest changes we should make as we grow older is that we should actually be using less makeup rather than more. This is contrary to how a lot of women feel about makeup, since we see makeup as something that should “cover up” our face, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Makeup should be used to enhance our natural beauty, not cover it. So forget the plethora of products that you would throw onto your face every morning when you were in your 20s. The jet black mascara, the eyebrow pencil, and the thick eyeliner can be tossed back into your drawer.

While using less makeup on your face, you want to be sure that the makeup that you do wear is right for you. For those of us with aging skin, it’s important to choose products that have skin firming formulas and capabilities. This will go a long way in helping you maintain your youthful appearance.

Applying Under Eye Makeup

The under eye area is an area that tends to be most affected by age as our skin around the eye area is thin and easily damaged. To help prevent any further damage to the skin, when ever you apply anything to under eye make sure that you use your ring finger to apply any product to the area, and dab products on – never rub.

To help conceal any wrinkles and discoloration in the under eye area, start off by applying a skin firming product. Once that is complete, take a little bit of concealer and dab it underneath each eye. Continue to blend it in until it is no longer noticeable. Afterwards, follow up with a light coating of eye shadow and two coats of dark brown lengthening mascara (black mascara tends to be too harsh for most mature women).

How to Create an Ageless Blush

Some women make the mistake of choosing a darker shade of blush as they age. The best way to keep your cheeks rosy and youthful looking is to toss out the dark blush shades and the powder blushes, and to stick with a soft, cream blush. A rose tone suits almost every skin tone, and the blush cream will help hydrate your skin and it will stay on for longer. Simply massage it into the apples of your cheeks until you have a gorgeous soft glow.

Wrinkle-Free Lips

Along with age come those bothersome small wrinkles that line our lips. If you want to keep your lipstick on your lips and not in the wrinkles, apply a small amount of foundation to your lips prior applying makeup, and line your lips with a lip liner. This will stop your lipstick from running out of your lip line.


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