The Lost Romance Collection by Ali Xeeshan at Lahore Fashion week

Ali Xeeshan’s fashion week couture collection is entitled “The (Lost Romance) by Ali Xeeshan”. Inspired by days of yore while keeping the political and social scenario in mind, the designer has chosen a brilliant and bright colour palette to reflect his belief of Pakistan being a nation of colours, carnivals and celeb…rations. Expect both menswear and womenswear at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week.

“My inspiration is drawn from the dust of horses’ hooves. Swordsmen and Archers marching across the field. Honor and the stature of royalty… The woman of tradition wears aatishi gulabi with a tikka of Kohinoor. It’s the Nawab Zadi in the dazzling sun, bare footed, spreading the khushbu of Itar. Humming as mithoo, flirt…ing in her own style. The enlightened crystal elegance in the moonlight.” – Ali Xeeshan

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