The Tradition of Eid Cards

eid_card-237x300It is greeting time – the time for sending Eid greetings to near and dear ones. The people are in the mood to splurge, the greeting cards are at display in every nook and comer of bazaars in addition to the regular sale points like book stores and stationary shops. The display reflects the mood. The bookstores have removed the books and hot selling magazines to create space for the greeting cards in show windows.

Such important card sending occasions (like Eid, Christmas and New Year Eve) not only give boost to the greeting card industry but also to postal and private courier services. And of course the exchange of feelings and greetings on a massive scale revive old relations and spread love in the society.
The messages printed on the greeting cards are poetic, passionate, persuasive and very comforting. The cards available in the market meet the requirements of all the conceivable situations in the human relationship. There are in endless varieties, designs, shapes and sizes from simple messages like ‘I wish you were here with me on this Eid’ to such questions as I often wonder what made us fall in love and more?
Than there are formal and official greeting cards from politicians, government agencies, commercial institutions and non-governmental organizations. They carry the messages from the senders: along with the good wishes and greetings.

The greeting card shows how our cultural heritage values architectural styles, fashion designs and form visible record of our history. Most of the cards are work of art that is collector’s delight. Many people have passion for collecting greeting cards.

Advent of the Internet has added another cultural dimension in our society; cyber greeting through the Internet and or cell phones. There are so many sites on the World Wide Web offering free cyber greetings for all occasions including Eid from where users can select, customize and send cards with a few clicks.

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