The world is his oyster

As he struts down the ramp, he sports an ‘I-am-least-bothered’ attitude on the catwalk. He stands over six feet tall and whether he is decked up in an intricately designed sherwani or casual beach outfit, Emmad appears to be at ease in portraying any kind of image. In a span of just two years he has become hot property in the local fashion scene and has been nominated in the category of best male model for the upcoming style awards taking place in Dubai.

Most models have their families motivating them to continue with their education. With Emmad, the situation is a little different. He was actually convinced by his family members to try modelling while studying for his Masters.

“My khala convinced me to start modelling. She encouraged me to a great extent and three weeks after the portfolio was completed, I was walking down the ramp.”

One show that he is especially proud of was held in New Delhi. “The experience of going there and actually representing Pakistan was out of this world. The response we got was so overwhelming, it really can’t be put into words! We were interviewed like anything in India. By the time we came back we had given almost 100 interviews!” Emmad says excitedly.

Did the show prove to be a success in promoting a positive image of Pakistan in India?

“Definitely. I think the best way we can promote Pakistan is through our fashion, music etc. These kinds of events prove that Pakistan is not behind in terms of talent, beauty and style. Everyone raves about the Indian fashion industry while we are considered as a backward and extremist nation. Shows like these can really present an accurate picture to the rest of the world.”

How is the modelling scene different in India?

“India is much bigger than Pakistan and thus, has a larger market. Their media plays a pivotal role in the promotion of fashion. In Delhi alone there were 120 fashion shows in six months. So, you can judge the difference between the two industries,” says Emmad.

Top male models such as Nomi Qamar and Mikaal strongly feel that there is a major problem of favouritism in our fashion industry, with some people working only for a particular group. But Emmad feels differently. “I haven’t come across a single incident where I was not treated fairly.”

Being an athlete and taking part in nearly every kind of sport has helped him in keeping physically fit. Emmad’s muscular physique speaks for itself. He works out regularly and makes sure that he doesn’t get out of shape. What counts more for a male model, looks or muscles?

“Looks are important, but without a good personality you cannot succeed. As far as the importance of muscles is concerned, I must say they are essential for a male model. You can find many models who have gone places solely on the basis of their brawn.”

Though Emmad has done shows with many designers, he particularly enjoys working with Hassan Sheheryar Yasin. One particular shoot that he mentions is the one in which he modelled Umar Sayeed’s exotic outfits. He praises Mikaal who has lent him tremendous support and has helped him in getting acquainted with the norms of the industry.

A unique blend of youthful flamboyance and maturity best describes this rising star. Having just stepped into TV commercials, Emmad feels that he has a long way to go and this is just the beginning.

“As for the future, I must say that I do have a lot of things in mind, but I don’t want to jinx them by talking prematurely.”

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