6 Highly Effective Black Skin Acne Treatments

6 Highly Effective Black Skin Acne Treatments

6 Highly Effective Black Skin Acne TreatmentsBlack skin acne treatments are generally similar to acne treatment for people of lighter tones, with the exception that more care needs to be put into choosing medicinal products for treatment. Here are some pointers for treating darker skin affected by acne:

Acne Treatments for Black Skin…

Use a topical skin lightening product – Because people with darker skin produce more melanin, spots left after inflammation caused by acne tend to be much darker. Applying a topical skin lightening product can effectively diminish the dark spots over time.

Use sunscreen – Some scientists believe that exposure to sun can inhibit treatment of acne for people with black skin. Therefore, they recommend using sunscreen while your acne spots are being treated.

Avoid harsh benzoyl peroxide – Because this ingredient has significant drying effects, it is recommended that darker people avoid products that contain it. Benzoyl peroxide is also known to cause skin discoloration and irritation, both of which will be very visible with darker skin.

Wash with mild cleansers – Milk and yogurt are popular home remedies used as a black skin acne treatment. Either of the items can be used as a wash, as opposed to an over the counter product.

Use a toner – It is found that using a toner after cleansing is an effective acne treatment for black skin because it helps to restore the pH balance in the skin. Just remember not to use one without alcohol, which tends to dry out the skin.

Use vitamin E oil and cocoa butter – These are two other black skin acne treatments that help to ensure the skin does not experience too much discoloration.

People with darker skin can now experience relief from acne without worrying about the effects on their skin. This can be achieved by using products that are mild and won’t affect the skin tone.


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