7 Steps to a French Manicure

French ManicureStylish and sophisticated, the French Manicure is the ultimate sign of elegance in nail fashion. Manicure – derived from the Latin word Manus meaning ‘hands’ and Cura means care. Originating in France in the early 20th century, the French manicure shot to fame with fashion conscience women of all ages around the world. It has, thus acquired the status of the most Classic Style manicure of all times.

The French manicure involves painting your entire nail with a clear base coat and the tips with optic or chalky white nail polish. You can buy ready made kits available at a cosmetic store, or have your fingers done at a salon, or even better, you can easily do-it-yourself. Nails must be at slightly longer for better effect.

A fun way to give yourself a manicure is have a friend help you. You can enjoy the company and get your manicure too.

You will need:

• Clear or beige nail polish (base coat)
• White nail polish
• Small square piece of cardboard
• Warm water
• Nail clippers
• Nail file
• Cuticle pusher
• Hand lotion
• Wide plastic bowl
• Hand towel

7 Steps:

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