A quick natural red lip

A quick natural red lip

A quick natural red lipIt’s really east to wear a red lip in very sheer way. First take a sheer color of red and put in the center of your lips. Use your finger to presses that color in to the lips it helps for last longer it also creates a beautiful sheer color that you can manage quite easily so you can build this color something that is really comfortable for you. Red gets tricky some times and lot of girls end up with two rights of color on the lips to much product on the lips. This is a technique and using if your color you can really build into the perfect color for you. Red is so classis it’s always a appropriate which you want to make sure you do it the right way. Once you really added the color to the complete lip then you can build to the center a little bit more in the bow of the lip.

When you are going to take anything shiny make sure you take out the more around the bow of the lips so you don’t have the shine stashes take that off. There should be more of the glow and shine on the lower lip so you look more much natural in the corners open your mouth and press that color in to the corner so for don’t forget the corners specially with the red lips it’s important that it’s even.

Here you are with quick red sheer lips.


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