Achieving The Right Balance Between Your Natural Beauty and Makeup Products

Achieving The Right Balance Between Your Natural Beauty and Makeup Products

Achieving The Right Balance Between Your Natural Beauty and Makeup Products  Most Moms allow a light lipstick or gloss to be worn to school when you’re 14 or 15 years old. The simple truth is, it’s age appropriate. Young girls, with their beautiful complexions and radiant skin, have natural beauty and makeup is only trying to gild the lily. Heavier makeup, such as mascara, eye shadows and liners actually serve only to hide your natural beauty. You still have the face of a child in many ways and heavy applications of makeup cover up your real assets.

For one thing, the bones of your face are not fully developed at your young age. As you approach adulthood, your face tends to lengthen. This is when balancing beauty and makeup enters a new phase. Take a look next time you’re at the mall. You’ll notice that, as women get older, some tend to use more makeup. Why? Makeup can cover up a number of flaws, such as aging skin, wrinkles and enlarged pores. With the fading of natural beauty, makeup is used to hide imperfections. As you get older, the relationship of beauty and makeup tends to reverse! Exit natural youthful beauty, enter more and heavier makeup.

As you walk through the mall doing your survey, try to be polite and not stare! You’ll see what I’m saying is true. Women who wear too much makeup tend to look harsh and lack a certain amount of femininity.

Another myth about beauty and makeup is that girls imagine that boys will find them more attractive, or that makeup makes them look older. The truth is, boys are suspicious of girls who wear heavy makeup – they wonder what they’re hiding, both on their face and in their personalities! Wearing tons of makeup may make you look older, but not in a flattering way.

No matter what your age, the right balance of natural beauty and makeup may be summed up like this: the less makeup you can get away with using, the better! Using heavy mascara regularly can be tough on your eyelashes and may actually cause them to thin by the time you’re in your twenties. Using eyeshadow and eye liners requires that they be removed each day, which stretches this delicate skin. Do you really want saggy, wrinkled skin around the eyes before you’re thirty? Foundations and face makeup causes your skin to age prematurely.

Beauty and makeup can coexist nicely. Mascara and eye shadow, lightly applied, with lipstick, are fine for special occasions. Hang onto your natural beauty as long as you can. You really don’t want to be that older, over made up woman at the mall some day, do you? Didn’t think so.


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