Masalaydar Mutton Biryani

masalay dar Mutton BiryaniMutton with bones-1/2 kg

Rice (sela)-2 cup

Yogurt-1 cup

Ginger Garlic paste-2tbsp

Plum (dry)-1/2 cup

Garam masala powder-1tbsp

Coconut powder-2tbsp

Crushed red pepper-2tbsp

Whole garam masala-1/2 cup

Green chili-5 to 6

Coriander-1/2 bunch

Mint-1/2 bunch

Onion slices (brown) 2

Ghee-1 cup

Salt-as required

For baking Mutton
• Take cooking bowl place mutton ginger garlic paste water and cook it until mutton get soft.

For the making of Rice

Get a fry pan include ghee whole gram masala,sabit garam masala and boil it for maximum 3 to 4 minutes. Then After add yaghni and already flooded rice and boil it.

For making Qorma

• Take a bowl, put onions and half the brown ghee, mutton and cook for 4-5 minutes.
• Take a bowl and put the yogurt, garam masala, red pepper, garlic, ginger paste, powder, coconut, salt and mix well.
• After this Add this to the batter and cook the lamb over low heat.
• When the mixture comes once dry, then add green pepper, plum, 2 cups water and boil.
• Now, take a bowl and spread the first layer qorma followed by a second layer of rice and sprinkle with mint, coriander, and repeat this step as per your requirement.
• At the end sprinkle with green peppers, sauté onion and let it slowly over the flame.


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