Adult Acne and Leaky Gut

Adult Acne and Leaky Gut

Adult Acne and Leaky GutLeaky gut is a possible cause for acne in adults. The leaky gut is caused when the walls of the intestines are damaged resulting in poor absorption of vital substances, causing the gut to be more porous. An increased permeability allows toxins, harmful bacteria and undigested food particles to infuse into the bloodstream as a consequence. When the sebaceous glands produce sebum on the skin’s surface, there are two explanations of acne formed as a result of the leaky gut: bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) that inhabit the surface of the skin react with the fluid. The body accumulates white blood cells, responsible for combating infections and foreign bodies, in that region to combat the bacteria. These white blood cells may contain toxins that have leaked into the bloodstream through the permeable intestinal walls. This causes inflammation showing up as acne on the surface of the skin.

The other reason is that the sebum itself is infected by the toxins which are in the bloodstream. While the infected sebum is still in the sebaceous glands, the body alerts the white blood cells which gather at the glands to fight against the toxins. This may generate the outbreak of acne.


Use medicated face-washthat contains sulfur or its derivatives and salicylic acid, and medicated cream containing benzoyl peroxide. Although regular usage of these does assist the suppression of acne, dealing with the root of the problem produces better outcomes.

Cleansing the bloodstream is crucial as it directly affects the sebaceous glands and the white blood cells.

Routine physical exercises help strengthen the immune system (of which the white blood cells are part of), expelling toxins through perspiration.

A proper diet for the treatment of leaky gut must be strictly observed.

Ample amount of water must be consumed frequently to wash out impurities from the inside. Aloe vera juice is known to aid the curing of the gut tract as well as acne.

Avoid stress as stressful lifestyle represses the immune system, doing further harm to the body.

Also, maintaining proper hygiene discourages infections, allowing time for the body to rejuvenate and quicken the restoration of the leaky gut.


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