After Lunch Women Usually Not Feeling Beautiful

After Lunch Women Usually Not Feeling Beautiful

After Lunch Women Usually Not Feeling BeautifulMany of the newly confident women out of the house after feeling satisfied with her appearance in the mirror. Based on a study, those concerned with appearances only feel beautiful when on the move all day, two hours 22 minutes.

“The majority of women spend time in the morning to create their best performances,” said Rebecca Wilson, a beauty expert from The Imperial Leather SkinKind, who led the study, as quoted from the pages of The Frisky. “On average it took about 38 minutes to get dressed before you go.”

Arriving at work, women who care about such appearances are usually quickly find a mirror in the office toilet. They tend to have a strong desire to ensure his performance is still excellent.

A number of simple makeup equipment must be in bags. Starting from the comb to straighten hair, lipstick for lips re-coat, powder brush, blush brush up on to ensure cheeks still flushed. The desire to improve the makeup like this usually come back just before lunch.

About 40 percent of 2,000 women involved in this study said that their beauty eroded after the lunch hour.

Women tend to be sensitive to beauty. Not only about makeup, they are also easy to lose confidence with the appearance of hair. A survey of 1,000 American women ages 18 to 65 show, 20 percent of women strongly reject the invitation of friends gathered together because of the syndrome ‘bad hair day


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