Being Beautiful

Everybody wants to look beautiful and we all can. A few simple tips will help you change your looks and your lives – but remember you can be nothing without confidence – and yes, it is all about inner beauty at the end of the day!


Our skin (especially on our face) is a constant source of stress for most women, for most of our lives. The pure, translucent and creamy texture of baby skin disappears before we can even begin to appreciate it. As teenagers, we have what we call teenage skin problems and by the time we overcome all those, we suddenly start facing age!

Though a lot of skin problems can be blamed on genes, with the kind of products available and treatments available in the market, anything is possible.

However, the most important way to maintain your skin is to clean, moisturize and protect your skin on a daily basis.

Daily cleansing, (more than once a day depending on your routine) is of vital importance. If you are always on the go it is advisable to carry wet towels or an astringent with you, even if it means re-applying your make-up.

If you have oily skin, splash your face with water a couple of times during the day and use oil-free cleansers and toners.

Use a sun block (preferably a water proof one) every day (and not only when you are on a vacation).

Use a moisturizer (on your body as well) at least once a day. You could use an oil-free moisturizer if you have an oily skin, but a moisturizer is a must.

Before applying or reapplying make-up make sure, your skin is absolutely clean (this will help preventing blocked pores).

Again, make sure your skin is devoid of all make-up before you sleep. The skin repairs itself while you sleep and blocked pores will only come in the way!


No matter how much effort, time or money you spend on the perfect hair cut or a color job, nothing is more attractive than a head of healthy hair. For healthy , shiny hair, you need to:

  • Eat healthy – fresh vegetables, salads, fruits and fish.
  • Avoid cigarettes
  • Take vitamin supplements – Vitamin B, C and E
  • Wash your hair regularly – be gentle, use a mild shampoo and scrub with the pad of your fingers
  • Condition your hair regularly
  • Get a cut to complement your face, body, hair texture and lifestyle. Spend time deciding your cut – consult your hair dresser and be confident and comfortable before you get your cut.
  • If you decide to color you hair, think about the colors you wear and are comfortable with.

Remember to use color-specific shampoos and to do regular protein treatments.

Making Up!

Most of us have yellow skin, rather than pink. The most common error made in choice of foundation, choosing a base that’s too pink! Fortunately, most cosmetic companies have now come out with foundations with yellow pigmentation. According to US make-up artist Kevin Aucion, “Make-up should blend with the color of the neck, not the face.” These days some companies hand out samples for trial – it is always helpful to take the sample home and try the foundation for a few days – that way you will know how you feel with it before buying the full size. Applying foundation with a sponge, brush or your fingers is an individual decision and should be done with whatever is most comfortable for you, but these are few ground rules you can work with.

  • A compact is best applied with a sponge (usually comes with the compact you buy)
  • Liquid foundation is best applied with your fingers.Spot and smudge. The other option is wedge shaped sponge
  • Loose powder foundation is best applied with a big brush.
  • Cream foundation is best applied with the fingers or a wedge shaped sponge
  • Foundation mousse is best applied with a soft flat sponge or with your fingers.
  • To dilute or for lighter coverage, you could dampen the applicator you use before dipping into foundation

A foundation works best with a good concealer – make sure your concealer matches you skin tone perfectly. It is best to dab on your concealer (lightly) after applying your foundation. That way the foundation will not wipe off the concealer. You could apply a translucent powder after – to conceal the concealer!


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