Got The Look of a Natural Beauty?

Got The Look of a Natural Beauty

Got The Look of a Natural Beauty?Overloading on cosmetics is not flattering for your complexion and it can be a hazard for breakouts and clogged pores. Learn simple skin care ways to apply makeup in a way that showcases your natural beauty. Wearing the ”makeup mask” is out this year, with the new trend being the ”natural” look.

Unfortunately, for many women and teenage girls, this means continuing to pile on foundation, bronzer, blush and power in the attemp to appear natural looking. Ladies, how about this suggestion:

Skip the extra makeup and actually be natural?

If you’re thinking to yourself that such a thing is impossible, put your worries aside. It is in fact quite simple to achieve the natural look without using too much makeup. Not only will following these skin care tips give you the natural look you desire, it will benefit the health of your complexion in the long run. Isn’t that amazing!

The key to achieving the natural makeup look is to actually be natural.

Skip the foundation altogether. During the colder months, wearing foundaton tends to not be a problem but when the sun starts to beat down, this can cause makeup to melt to apply even more foundation.

Instead, sport a well moisturized face and go as is. That may sound frightening for women who can’t live without their foundation. If you’re worried about your blemishes or don’t feel comfortable going without some kind of cover-up, try a tinted moisturizer.

Or opt for power foundation, which isn’t as heavy on the skin. Another option you can turn to sheer cover-up. For added protection against UV rays, look for products that contain SPF so your complexion stays sunburn-free. A good quality bronzer also does wonders in place of regular foundation.


The eyes the the most attractive part of the women’s face.Unless you’ve got somewhere special to go in the evenings, heavy eye shadow and eyeliner should be left out of your daytime. Adding a good coat of mascara will set off your eyes in a way that is dramatic yet simple at the same time.

If you just absolutely need liner, use your favorite eye shadow color to line the top of your lids instead of using regular liner. Smudge the line to give your eyes a soft and dreamy appearance.


The lips is the second to the most attractive part of the women’s face. Ladies let’s keep it simple. For running errands or taking a trip to the mall or movies, dabbing on some clear gloss will give your lips a naturally sexy pout. Having a little shine on the lips looks great during the summertime so don’t be afraid to wear gloss by itself.

If you’re going to wear lipstick, stick to light or lips or dramatically dark colors this season. Pinks, corals and other light shades within the pink family, coupled with gloss make a killer combo.

If you’re used to wearing excessive makeup on a daily basis, trying this new approach can be intimidating. The beauty of looking natural is that it takes less time to apply and gives your face just enough oomph without appearing overdone.

Natural beauty is the best kind so always remember that when it comes to the natural makeup look, less is definitely more!


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