Best Skincare for your Age

Best Skincare for your Age

Best Skincare for your Age In different stages of our life we have different skin care concerns and goals because our skin is constantly going through changes. If you want to look your best for your age or not to look your age at all you need to solve those skin care problems as they appear and even better work on preventing them.

Yes, it seems that in every age we have new concerns. In our teenage years we have to fight that terrible acne. It seems we hardly managed to get control over that problem as we arrive into our 20s and we do need to start premature aging prevention right then! In our mid-late-twenties skin start to loose its ability to retain moisture and we have to fight off first ligns. In our thirties we work on getting that all-desired glow and fight dull skin as our skin regeneration slows down. In late 30s and 40s time to stand the battle for age spot free complexion. But the reward is that through all this journey and when we arrive in our 50s and 60s people never give us our age!

This lense provides valuable information on skin care by age, skin care products you can use to solve certain problems of your age, advice and recommendations how to optimize your skin care for your age for the best results!

We are not touching on skin care basics: what skin care routine should consist of. You can find this information at Skin Care. Also make sure you choose your skin care products according to your skin type. Read about skin care by skin type.

The main goal for your age is to prevent future damage. 20s is an important stage for skin care as exactly then we start to be more and more aware of the necessity of skin care. It is very important to develop good skin care habits during the twenties! This will help you to preserve the beauty of your skin and delay signs of aging. You are lucky if you have a role-model for example your mum or your girl-friend who can introduce you to skin-care basics but if not, you need to learn yourself and we are here to help you!

Your main goal for your age is to prevent future damage. In addition, this age group is still susceptible to break outs and occasional acne problems.

How to Prevent Premature Aging in your 20s

Use SPF protection to prevent sun damage and photo aging! According to extensive research sun damage is responsible for 80-90 percent of skin aging.

Moisturizing is important as well. In your early twenties especially if you have oily/combination skin you might do without a moisturizer but towards your mid 20s it becomes simply essential! At this stage your skin will start to loose its ability to retain moisture as well as it did before. You can choose a light moisturizer with anti-oxidants to keep your skin hydrated and to fight free radicals.

Use a light moisturizer for under eye area. You need to pay special attention to this area at any age as the skin around the eye is thin and is usually the first to show signs of aging.

Prevent and fight break-outs

Do not continue on using your anti-acne products you discovered in your teen years into your twenties. They are too harsh for you now and will stress and overdry your skin. And of course keep your skin cleansed and pores unclogged with the right skin cleansing routine and products!

Tip: Make sure not to use skin care products developed for more mature age. Your skin tends to get used to certain ingredients, later on when you do need intensive care it might not be as responsive as you would wish.


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