Bridal Mehndi Designs

Mehndi, also know as Henna, is a beautiful art form traditionally adorning women’s hands and feet. It has been practised in the Middle East, Asia and many parts of Africa for thousands of years.

In many Eastern countries, since it is a natural product, henna is used to help heal skin diseases, colour the hair and cool the skin in hot climates. Mehndi is a wonderful alternative to tattooing due to its temporary nature. It is applied using a paste made from finely ground leaves of the henna plant, and then removed after drying to reveal a heavy dark maroon stain on the skin.

Different Styles

Mehndi designs traditionally fall into four main categories:

  • The style of the Middle East which is made up of vines and leaves with beautiful flowers inspired by Arabic paintings and textiles
  • The style of India is detailed and uses fine lines and paisley patterns
  • The style of Pakistan is the most intricate and time consuming using detailed lacy designs and fill-ins
  • The style of Africa is large and bold with geometrically patterned angles

Bridal Mehndi

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