Seven Most Common Mistakes in The Description, Avoid Them

Common Makeup Mistakes

Seven Most Common Mistakes in The Description, Avoid Them1.First Make-up is essential

Its tone should just go with the skin color. Composition again with the type of skin. Importantly, it was able to evenly spread and reached the mask effect. Therefore, it always should be applied to the base cream, after about ten minutes, when it completely absorbed. You can also use it under the emollient base. Subsequently makeup rub thoroughly with your fingertips or a sponge.

2.Second Algae is not crumble

Applying mascara is the second most important step to a perfect appearance. But if we will apply them so much mascara that is color blind, and one begins to crumble, you seem a little cheap. To achieve deeper colors, two coats of mascara is enough!

The distinctive colors of roses are this year, while in the course, but dull and saturated lipstick you know how to properly apply. Once you blur over the edge of the lips or obtiskne the teeth, surrounding you will not see a bit of embarrassment. How is it spread?

It is best to take to help lipliner pencil in the same color lipstick and brush for spreading rose. First, trace the edge of the lip pencil. Avoid the corners, whether you’re a clown. Then, apply a little lipstick brush, spread wide mouth and brush paint your lips. Finally, gently obtiskněte a paper handkerchief to get rid of excess paint. And do not forget to check and modify the make-up several times during the day

4.With just a gentle blush

Red circles on the cheeks of passers-awakes the shock rather than to add to your beauty. Hello I handled gently. Smear you had it at the cheekbones toward the temples. Never would not appear until the corners of the mouth.

5.Be careful with shadows

Eyelids shining dozens of different colors are also not the right nut. Richly make do with a pencil for eyes and one, more than three shades that harmonize with each other. Color shadows should correspond with your clothes. And keep in mind this rule: light shadow is applied to the inner corner of eye or lid on the whole. Dark then only to the outer canthus. Nevybarvujte the lid to brow. And it looks very cheap.

6.Eyebrows must be well formed

Although it often underestimate, eyebrows with our faces will lead a lot. If the correct shape and is appropriately emphasized, rejuvenates us well for several years. You do not know what shape suits you? Order is somewhere in the salon, where you can leave them and přibarvit. If you dare to the treatment itself will be better when you reach for the brown or gray shade, which acts naturally. Pencil sometimes seems too hard.

7.Less is more

Frozen the rule of all the makeup artists that if you highlight one part of the face, rather more subdued. If you strongly nabarvíte eyes, lips, or leave a natural shine use only. And vice versa. Makeup should emphasize your natural beauty, not make you someone else.


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