Wear Natural Makeup

natural-makeupEver wonder how to wear makeup and look natural – as if you are not wearing makeup? This article has all the right answers to putting on makeup and looking natural.

  • To start, wash your face, dry your face and then apply your favorite face cream (preferably non-greasy, otherwise your face will look greasy and your makeup could run).
  • Now apply your concealer to problem areas either with a sponge or your forefinger. Problem areas that may need concealer include areas such as under your eyes, on blemishes and red areas such as at the base of your nose. Make sure that the concealer is well blended into your face.
  • Next, apply a tinted moisturizer all over your face, not too much, just to cover, as if you are putting on a thin layer of face cream. The beauty of a tinted moisturizer is that it is very light, doesn’t cake, and adds a bit of moisture plus sun protection with a bit of tint which evens out your skin tone color.
  • To get a sun-kissed look that makes you look fresh add a bit of blush or bronzer to your face. Take a brush and lightly pat it on your choice of blush of bronzer. Blow a bit of the powder off your brush, smile and lightly pat the brush on your apples of your cheek and continue across your cheek bone and up until you reach your forehead. Do the same for your nose and just above your eyes.
  • If you are using a bronzer swipe a tad of powder (again, blowing a bit of the powder of your brush) across your forehead. Note that if you feel that you are wearing too much blush or bronzer, take a cotton ball or some toilet paper and dab over access powdered areas.
  • Apply mascara to your eyelashes and immediately brush them with an eyebrow/eyelash brush to get rid of clumps. For curlier eyelashes use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. If you like to wear a bit of eyeliner, choose a dark brown color and apply just a bit at the upper right outside corners.
  • If you happen to get your hands on a red liquid lip tint such as Benetint, by outlining your lips with this your lips will look naturally bigger. A good red liquid lip tint (which can also be used as a blush) should dissolve across your lips and therefore won’t look as if you have penciled your lips. Add a bit of shine to your lips and you are good to go!


  • These instructions are for light colored skin. I don’t have dark skin and therefore don’t have experience with dark skin, but I’m assuming that this can also apply to dark skin with the appropriate tints while substituting the bronzer and light blush to a darker red blush or a golden powder shine.
  • If you have an excess amount of pimples on your face or have acne you should see a dermatologist. Don’t waste money on products that probably won’t work for you, go see a dermatologist when you have abnormal skin problems, they are the specialists in skin!

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