Control skin dryness in winter

Winter is the one time of the year where your body demands lot of attention. Be it hair, skin, body-functioning – everything needs to be taken care of.

Characteristics of Dry Skin in WinterDry skin is common problem in winter. So, to keep glowing and flaunt a soft-as-silk skin, one should be very regular with basic skin services like facials, deep-conditioning, pedicures, manicures and oil-massage. And, skin care doesn’t just stay perfect with just external care, even diet needs to be take care of.

It is very essential to include salad, milk, butter and fruits for retention of body moisture. Apart from that, one must use moisturizer or body lotions to prevent skin dryness. And, even spa treatments should be cherished for a better looking skin.

During winter, skin hydration is very essential and thereby chocolate and seaweed body wraps are popular. No wonder, people have a lot of ways to keep healthy this winter! And as someone rightly said, it is important to keep body in good health otherwise; we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

From TOI

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