How to Deal with Anger and Preserve Your Health

Deal with Anger and Preserve Your Health

How to Deal with Anger and Preserve Your Health  Anger, is an emotional outlet that can affect your body and health in many ways. You often feel hurt, stress, annoyance when you are angry while your stomach is in knots and your nerve tightens. When you feel angry, and your best friends left you behind and the world seems to be tumbling around you what are these emotions doing to you?

Meanwhile, the loneliness starts creeping into your life and you begin to feel your world is somewhat an illusion. You, too, feel that each of the persons surrounding you are out of their minds. Well, there are times you just want to find the source of your pain and avoid facing it. But, you are helpless to find a key to the problem.

You are only adding pain on top of pain when you blow up venting your anger on somebody as you fail to see the problem (s) clearly. And you keep asking how you could find the way out of the illusion. If in case you feel like there is nothing left in this world for you, you have actually run out of solutions to many problems.

You should realize that someone else is suffering from a far worst situation than you are. Stopping to realize the insignificance of your issue compared to others is one of the effective ways to deal with your present situation. In any case, forcing your mind to think positively can help especially at times when there are tough circumstances to deal with. If you have been in a situation where you have been a victim of robbery, or assault or have been betrayed, manipulated or cheated remember that those who have victimized you will eventually pay a higher price for what they have done and that they have lost something very valuable by betraying your trust. The thoughtless or vindictive act committed against you will bring much sadness in their life.

If you feel your body is quite tense, go for a walk and try admiring the beautiful scenery created by God. While walking, you will find something good out of a previously bad day. It makes you look back on your many problems and you will also see a series of good fortunes coming along your way.

Rather you can make more of a situation than what appears to exist presently and you will learn to stay focused to survive in the game of life. If your mind runs wildly on how you feel you are singled out for punishment, then start thinking how the children are feeling in abused home, armies in war, or the wives that are being manipulated by their spouse. Compare yourself to their situations, now look again at your situation, don’t you feel you are luckier than those unfortunate people?

In another perspective, ask yourself “do you have enough food to eat?”, “are you homeless?”, “do you have a roof over your head?”, “do you have all your bills paid?”, “do you have clothes to wear?”. If your answers are “yes”, why should you be angry?

Each time when you are angry, your body is significantly affected by the anger which can bring harm to your health. Is it worth destroying yourself and your inner being (including your mind and body) by hurling anger at someone else? Is there anything worth losing your temper?

If you are angry, then think before you lose your temper, because this act of impulsive behavior can lead to many complicated health problems. Once again, when you feel like nothing in this world is left for you or the world is tumbling down around you, be strong enough to pick up your tortured self and walk further for another mile in your life. One day you will look back on this day and laugh about how needless your emotional turmoil was.


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