Things to Do Each Day to Make This Day The Best One Ever Read more:

Make This Day The Best One Ever

Things to Do Each Day to Make This Day The Best One Ever  Read more: a healthy breakfast.

·Brush your teeth and floss them.

·Do some morning stretches.

o While lying in the bed lift both legs pressing them to your chest. Arch your feet pointing your toes outwards and pressing the sole of your feet into your bottom. Then bring your toes up and place your hands under your feet pulling your knees close to you. Repeat this five times each to help stretch the legs and back each morning.

o To stretch the arms bend your elbow placing your hand on your shoulder. With the other hand lift up on the elbow bringing the elbow up as far as possible. Switch arms and do the other. Do both for five times each.

o Put your hands together in the form of prayerful hands. First gently push the hands to one side then the other to stretch the wrists. Do five times each.

o If you know of some stretches that help you maintain your flexibility make them a part of your routine.

· Exercise. One should exercise at least every other day maintaining exercise at a comfortable pace where they can still carry on a conversation without getting breathless. Put on a song you love and dance, go bowling, play tennis; just pick something you love and participate. Your heart and your health will thank you.

Make your bed. If you push yourself past your bedtime won’t it be nice to be able to crawl into an already made bed plus looking at a messy bed just makes you more tired.

· Take your daily vitamins and prescribed medications.

· Greet your loved ones with a smile and a kind word (or two).

· Write out your plan for the day marking those most important things in red. Cross them off when completed. Don’t forget to pencil in something fun to do and reward yourself at decent intervals.

· If you are going to work or school, give your loved ones a kiss and a hug good bye.

· When you come across an opportunity to perform a good deed welcome the opportunity. God loves a cheerful doer. Jesus took many opportunities to do good for mankind.

· Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and other fiber throughout the day.

Drink plenty of water, avoiding drinks that are sugary and contain no nutritional value.

Avoid spending time listening to or participating in idle gossip. Those who stand around tearing down the reputation of someone else can just as quickly tear yours down when you leave their company plus your own ugly words can have a way of coming back to haunt you. Those same individuals you found gossiping may go back to that person and embellish on what you said, omitting their own harsh words.

Put your clothes away when you take them off. You will be amazed at how much more energy you will have when your things are put away, and how much more time you will have to enjoy some of your favorite things when you do not have to search for anything. Looking at clutter is an energy zapper.

Get a good night’s rest each and every night. The next day and the rest of your life, you will be grateful that you did as those who get enough sleep enjoy better health and a longer life.


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