Ways To Remove Hair Color

Ways To Remove Hair Color

Ways To Remove Hair Color There is nothing like coloring your hair to make you feel and look new. A new hair color can do wonders to your confidence level, though not always. Sometimes, it can spell disaster. A color might look really good on the packet cover, but once you have used it the reactions might vary. So, if you fall into this category, then we can suggest you some solutions to remove hair color.

Okay, so somehow the hair color you have been dreaming about went wrong. It may be too bright, too dark, or simply is not the color you wanted. And, laying the blame on the colorist’s door or the product company will not help. What you need is damage control-you need to remove hair color.

However, this is easier said than done. Hair color is not like furniture paint that can easily be removed with paint remover. One option to remove hair color is to go to a color correction specialist. The only way to remove hair color is with a color removal product. But only professionals should use products designed to remove hair color. These products are not recommended for consumers unless they know exactly what they are doing.

But what you can do on your own to remove hair color is to cover up. And depending on the color you selected, you may be able to cover the permanent color with a semi or demi-color. But before you decide to re-color your hair with another color, seek the advice of the color manufacturer, because mixing colors can result in bigger disasters than before.

If the hair color used was a light to medium shade, you may be able to cover it with a semi-permanent hair color after a few days. If you used a very dark shade, then it’s very difficult to remove hair color and you might as well live with it. Dark hair colors are hard to correct because the pigments in the dye are very strong. If your hair has been colored a shade of green, you could try a chlorine removal shampoo, or, if all else fails, tomato juice soak.

Mistakes do happen, but learn from the mistakes and take care not to repeat them. And before you set out to repair the damage, call the manufacturer of the product first. They will be able to suggest you ways to remove hair color. Still, if you are unable to correct the problem, remember its just hair. The color will eventually grow out or fade on its own.

You can also make the best of the situation by visiting a stylist and getting a new flattering hairstyle that all draw attention away from the ghastly color. You can also use this time to accessorize your hair and try out different styles. Anything that’ll draw the attention from the hair color should help. Also, remember to use hair-coloring products that are safe, because a head full of orange hair is better than a head without hair.


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