Easy Teen Parenting

Teen parentingDr. Matthew Johnson, a licensed psychologist in Oregon has written a book which has some excellent tools for parenting teens and developing family rules in your household. Here are some quick ideas to get you on your way.

The Seven Cardinal Sins of Teen Parenting:

1. Talking too much (nagging, lecturing, etc)
2. Tirades and temper tantrums
3. Tears (sadness and guilt trips)
4. Terror (threats of violence)
5. Inconsistency (within and between parents)
6. Disagreeing about discipline in front of children.
7. Treating your children like they are slaves (lack of reciprocity)

Some family rules (very abbreviated):

  • Treat people and animals with respect
  • “No!” means “No!” Don’t ask again
  • You must receive parental permission before you go anywhere at anytime
  • No swearing or talking about inappropriate subject matter
  • Be on time
  • Setting curfews (more flexible on weekends)
  • Complete all daily and weekly chores on time

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