How to stop kids from thumb sucking

How to stop kids from thumb sucking

Thumb sucking is a habit that many kids resort to because it offers them a safe zone to cuddle up in — it’s soothing, offers warmth, comfort and security. For infants, it is almost reflexive when they start becoming How to stop kids from thumb suckingaware of the world around them, especially during the teething stage when they want to suck on something soft, be it toys or fingers or an ice cube.

However according to WebMD, this habit is addictive, can distort your child’s teeth and jaw structure, and interfere with speech and language development.

So how do you make it stop? It will be hard in the beginning of course, especially if your child needs to suck her finger or thumb in order to fall asleep. But you need to put an end to it before it becomes a life-long habit. So some pain in the beginning is essential for your child’s benefit in the long-run. 
The Huffington Post recommends some remedies, some of which included the following:

• Distract your child when she’s sucking her thumb. Read to her and if she is about to fall asleep, give her a stuffed toy to wrap her hands around so that she doesn’t resort to putting her finger in her mouth.

• Make your child understand that because he/she is growing up, it’s time to give up the thumb sucking habit because it’s bad. Explain the negative effects of it. Reward your child with little gifts or compliments whenever he/she listens to you.

• If nothing works, you could try the old method of putting something that tastes bad on the child’s thumb but it’s really not recommended.

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