Facial cleaning homemade recipes

Facial Cleansing Recipes

Facial cleaning homemade recipesWomen who wear make up on a daily basis should religiously follow the regime of facial cleaning, facial toning and moisturizing every evening and also use a natural face wash or a facial cleanser each morning.

Facial Cleansing

Facial cleansers will remove all trace of make up along with the dirt and grease that might have accumulated during day. Using natural remedies for facial cleaning is always recommended as it is safer than chemical based cleaners.

Natural facial cleaning Procedure

Dip a cotton bud in eye cleansing lotion and remove mascara. Keeping your hair off the face will make work much easier.

Dip a clean cotton wool pad in eye cleansing lotion and use it to remove eye shadow.

Use your palms to dab face cleansing cream over chin, nose, cheeks and forehead.

The cream should be massaged well in the skin. Start from throat and continue with an upward motion.

Use your fingertips to continue massaging till forehead.

Eye to nose area should also be massaged with cream. This area is quite sensitive so use gentle strokes.

Use your index finger to massage again on chin. The chin area is massaged gain since it is most susceptible to blackheads.

Then remove the cream with tissues from chin towards forehead. This
should be done using upwards strokes by starting from your chin and then working your way up towards forehead.


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