Fighting colds and flu during the changing seasons


Using a misting of water and vinegar in your vaporizer works great for helping a cold. You can also use this in a pot on the stove, boiling the water until the vapour grows through out the house.

Natural solution

If you have problems fighting colds and the flu during the changing seasons and often find the over the counter medications make you drowsy and feel medicated try these quick and inexpensive solutions. Use vinegar as a natural solution to your cold and flu needs or when you haven’t had the time to run to the store.

Alternative treatment

If you would like an alternative treatment for colds try mixing one-quarter cup apple cider vinegar with one-quarter cup of honey. Take this entire mixture to feel relief from your cold symptoms. You can use this use to eight times a day to fight off your cold.


Are you a sinus sufferer that does not like the chemicals you take when you have a sinus reaction. Add one quarter to one half cup of vinegar to your vaporizer or to a pan of steaming water to feel better. This also works when your allergies are reacting to spring and fall weather and plants.

Sore throat

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