Finding the Right Paint Color for Your Home

Finding the Right Paint Color for Your Home

Finding the Right Paint Color for Your HomePaint color choices for your home are all about finding ones that show you are being true to yourself and to the atmosphere of your surroundings. You need to ask yourself, how much color are you comfortable with and what type of mood are you trying to create? Are you looking for a soft and romantic home, or a vibrant and exciting living space? Do you want it to be spa-like or a bohemian style? Maybe you are just looking to change up those bright white walls and add some color.

Current Trends in Paint Colors

Right now, the trend is towards more subtle tones and cooler shades with some accents of saturated color on the walls of the home. Consider using accessories and furnishings as a way of introducing color into your home. For the contemporary look, many color their walls in grays, plums, taupes and different whites mixed with some brighter colors like tangerine or turquoise.

Create Balance in Paint Colors

It is important that when you use a color or group of colors, that you make sure that there is enough each color to make sense and create balance. An example would be having one turquoise painted wall that would stand out and be too bold. Having other turquoise color such as accessories in the room will coordinate it and balance the room.

To Paint Part or All the House

Many homeowners face the scenario of how many rooms should they paint. If only three or four rooms are painted in a home, the rest of the house can appear unfinished. The homeowner needs to be careful not to have too much contrast between entire rooms being painted and have unpainted adjoining halls or rooms with little or no color. A home needs to have consistency to create an even flow throughout the house.

Show Your Creativity in Paint Colors

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  1. I have gray colored walls and most of my furnitures are black iron ang glass, i had one wall painted with red in my dining area and a turquiose wall in my hall way and my living room sofa is a combination of blue and black. I want a contemporary look but my living, dining and kitchen area are one open space, i do not have any dividers but my ceiling is a bit low, and by the way my kitchen cabinets are yellow green… I just love colors, i think they are very contemporary but i do not know if these colors go together in one open space…please confirm my inquiry…thanks!

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