Fine Jewellery by Sara Taseer Shoaib in Karachi Now

sara-taseer-shoaibSara Taseer Shoaib is bringing her finest collection of diamonds to Karachi on 11 August, 2009. The showing will have all her signature everyday pieces as well a full range of her sets which are limited editions for the upcoming wedding season. The jewellery is designed by Sara and is manufactured in Hong Kong and Singapore where she resides. Most pieces are limited. The event requires you to have an invitation. You can request one with an address on face book page.

Sara Taseer Shoaib is a trained gemologist qualified from the Gemological Institute of America GIA. She graduated at the top of her class and completed the jewellery design segment of her training with outstanding honors. She is also a graduate from the London School of Economics and has a sound background in finance. She has worked internationally at Citibank, and ABN Amro Hong Kong. Sara has spent 10 years in the diamond industry in New York and Hong Kong and established a reputation for her design and flair. Her last exhibition in Hong Kong was at the renowned Harvey Nichols store.

Sara has opened her flag ship store in Lahore, in February 2009. Despite hailing from Pakistan’s premier business and political families, Sara has always charted her own course and become an internationally recognized name in elegant jewellery design. Sara has chosen to open in Pakistan, during one of the most trying periods in the history of Pakistan. This is a reflection of her ever strong love for her country and a belief in its viability and potential.

Sara manufactures in Hong Kong where she resides with her husband and three children. Her focus is keenly on quality. Unable to detach herself from her sub continental roots, and a staunch patriot Sara is committed to the marriage of western modern straight line design with eastern color and motif. Sara produces pieces of insurmountable quality and presents them within the relevance of Pakistani culture. Sara shows through exhibitions in New York, Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Tokyo.
Sara is a true grass roots designer of our time and her passion and creativity brings a new standard of jewellery to Pakistan.

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