Gothic makeup tips

Gothic makeup needs no formal introduction. The Gothic girl is a uniquely romantic creature of the night. She’s dark and brooding and elicits intrigue, but you needn’t reach for a black trench and black makeup to pull off the look. Stormy colors such as charcoal Grey, cloudy silver, intense navy and deep plum can look Gothic, especially when applied to the lips and eye lids. There’s a new way to approach Gothic makeup without looking like a vampire.

The modern-day goth girl is subtle, appearing to have been plucked from the pages of Vogue or a M.A.C. makeup ad, so you’ll need to apply foundation a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone, blending it down the neck and chest.

Skip the blush and bronzer (remember, a true goth doesn’t sunbathe) and, when it comes to eye makeup, take your cues from the runways with a fiercely smoky cat’s eye, created with liquid eyeliner in blackest Gothic black. Just line the base of your lashes and build until you achieve the look you like and use a wet eyeliner brush to extend it down your cheeks as though it’s tear-streaked.

You can rim your eyes with a chartreuse shadow if you want to look more playful and aucourant—this wildly playful and unabashedly brave color comes straight from the runways and will make you stand out from other Gothic gals.

Choose a deep red

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