Home Facial

A facial is the best treatment you can give yourself. It not only improves the circulation of blood but also stimulates the muscles of your face. It eases tension and gives a fresh glow to your skin. Tie up your hair, then clean your face with one tablespoon rice flour mixed to a paste with curds, add a pinch of turmeric powder and apply on your face. Rub nicely into the skin, then remove with a piece of cotton-wool soaked in warm water, wash with cold water and pat dry.

Now take home-made nourishing cream and apply it at the base of the neck, on the sides of the neck, on the chin and around the mouth, nose and on the cheeks and forehead. Begin by massaging the neck, use the palms from the base of the neck upwards in a upward movement till the chinline. Do this 12 times. Then with all your fingers locked into each other massage once again upward till the chinline. This stimulates blood circulation and smoothens wrinkles. Now massage the chin in downward movements using the back of your hand. Then beginning at the chinline gently start massaging the face in upward circular movements. As you reach the mouth, do circular movements round the mouth massaging gently with the cushions of your second and third finger.

Also, massage the lips in the same manner. On the nose, do circular movements with your first finger. Do light tapping with your fingers on your cheeks to increase the circulation of blood in these areas. Gently massage the areas around the eyes in circular motions. Massage the forehead with first finger upwards and outwards in circular motions. This removes tensions from the face with your fingertips.

Now steam the face. To do this take a medium-sized pan full of boiling water and make a tent bath towel over your head. Add herbs or your favourite perfume to make it specially delightful. Steam for about 10 minutes. Pat dry, now apply a face pack over your face. A face pack deep-clanses and refines the pores of your skin and improves its colour and texture and gives it a glow or shine. But different types of skin needs different types of face packs.

Here are given a number of packs. Choose the one which suits you best:

    * Greasy skin:
    Mix together equal quantity of powdered Fuller’s earth (multani mitti), witch-hazelm and rose water to a paste. Blend in a few drops of eau de cologne.
    * Dry skin:
    Mix three tablespoons of oat-meal with olive oil to a paste and mix in two teaspoons of glycerine.
    * Sallow skin:
    Beat an egg yolk and mix in half teaspoon of lime juice and half teaspoon of orange-peel powder.
    * Dark and dull skin:
    Mix powdered fuller’s earth to a paste with equal quantities of hydrogen peroxide and witch-hazel.
    * Patchy skin:
    Mix together equal quantities of lime juice and olive oil.
    * Wrinkled skin:
    Mix together one tablespoon each of honey and egg white along with enough refined flour to a thick paste.

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