Gentle Eyes Makeup Removal Tips

Gentle Eye Makeup Removal Tips

Gentle Eyes Makeup Removal Tips

We make every possible effort to look beautiful by putting on stylish outfits and applying luscious cosmetics and amazing eyes makeup, However, when we return from parties we don’t have enough energy to give some time for makeup removal. When it comes to remove makeup, the trickiest job is eyes makeup removal, as eyes are the most sensitive part of our face.

Eyes makeup removal is very important to keep your eyes and skin safe from many harmful effects of cosmetics. Normally women use water and some tissues for eyes makeup removal, However, water is not enough to remove stubborn eye liners and thick mascaras. Leaving eyes makeup overnight on skin can result in the makeup getting into your eyes, causing severe irritation and infection. There are different brands of eyes makeup remover available in the markets, among which you can choose the mildest for your eyes makeup removal. However, one should always be careful while picking up eyes makeup remover, as if any of the ingredients didn’t suit you, it can badly affect skin around eyes.

To avoid the hassle of selecting eyes makeup remover, the best way is to make an eyes makeup remover at home. Following are the suggestions and tips for eyes makeup removal.

Olive Oil: You can use Olive oil as an excellent eyes makeup removal technique, as it can easily and naturally condition the lashes while acting as eyes makeup remover.

Instructions: Soak a small cotton ball with olive oil and use it as eyes makeup remover by wiping over eye area. Remove excess oil with a warm, damp cloth after your eyes makeup gets removed.

Vaseline: Traditionally, Vaseline has been used as a moisturizer, however, it can efficiently used as eyes makeup remover. Similar to olive oil, this eyes makeup removal technique is also less expensive and easy to apply at home.

Instructions: Apply Vaseline over the eyes makeup area using your fingers. Remove eyes makeup easily and gently by using a damp, warm washed cloth.

Moisturizing cream: There are varieties of mild cold creams and moisturizers that can act as a wonderful eyes makeup remover, while conditioning the eye skin.

Instructions: Apply cold cream with fingers on eyes makeup area and remove it gently with a soft tissue.

Disposable eyes makeup remover towels: These are the quickest and handy eyes makeup remover, as there is no additional thing needed with this eyes makeup removal technique.

Instructions: Simply wipe the area with the pre-moistened eyes makeup remover towel.

Baby Shampoo: Baby Shampoo and Baby oil also works as amazing eyes makeup removal tips, as they are gentle on sensitive skin and remove eyes makeup while conditioning the lashes.


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