Beauty How to Put on Face Makeup

How to Put on Face Makeup

Beauty How to Put on Face MakeupFace Makeup hides your flaws, makes your skin tone look even and can look great if you know how to put it on correctly.

I will give you some pointers on how to put on face makeup without a problem.

First of all, you will need tools in order to put on a face, so to speak. You must have damp makeup sponges for foundation plus a Q tip, a kabuki brush to blend in powder and a blush brush to apply blush.

First of all, put on foundation with a q tip. Gently dot it on your face. Do not put on too much. The pancake look of face makeup has been out of style for three decades. You want to look like a girl, not a ghoul.

Take your damp make up sponge and blend it in.

When you are finished blending in your foundation, wait a few minutes to let it set and harden. Do your chores while waiting. That is the correct way to use foundation. If you don’t wait and put on powder right away, your foundation will smear. Horrors, you don’t want that!

Now, it’s time to put on powder. Always use a kabuki brush. You can get them at almost any discount store. A kabuki brush professionally blends in powder. Dip the kabuki brush into the powder. You can also use translucent powder for a natural finish. Dot the powder with the brush, then, brush it across your face. Blend in again for a professional finish.

Now, you’re ready for blush. Brush it on under your cheek bone. Blend it in with your hands until the blush looks transparent.

And there you go gals, you have a gorgeous face!


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