Last Minute Beauty Tips for Brides

As a young girl, just like every other future bride, I dreamed extensively about my wedding. In my head I was a beautiful bride. I was stylish, stunning, smart, and slim. Everything was just so. The luster of my skin served to help radiate my joy and revel in the elegance of the moment.

Truly, every bride dreams of being gorgeous on her wedding day. She wants that healthy glow that comes as much from the beauty of her body as it does from her thrill over the big gala of her wedding day. More, she wants those long lean lines that will allow her to look back at her wedding pictures with true pride.

Focus on the Positive – A positive, upbeat person is always a more attractive person. So if one wants to be a beautiful bride, they must flush all negative thoughts down the drain. So what if every last detail is not exactly how they envisioned them, the point of a wedding is to celebrate. So the bride must forget the negatives for the day and celebrate. What is going on inside always eventually manifests itself so a wise bride will only allow herself to think about the good things on her wedding day.

Food Choices – What we put into our bodies has a direct impact on how our body looks on our wedding day. During the final weeks prior to the wedding celebration, if we concentrate on eating lean proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables as the bulk of our diet and cut out all the junk, we give our bodies the chance to tone up as much as time permits.

Hydrate – We all should do this all the time anyway since more than half of the human body’s composition is water… during the last week before the wedding be sure to drink a full sixty four (64) ounces of water per day. That is just over three twenty ounce water bottles. Yes, that is a lot of water, but our bodies need that water to: 1. Give your skin that soft, healthy glow, and 2. Flush your bodies of excess salt and impurities. This ensures that the water composing our body is fresh and it enables them to work most efficiently and look their trimmest and healthiest.

Salt – Salt is essential for the survival of the human body. But too much of a good thing is not a good thing, and most of us get too much. More to the point, as we approach our wedding day and want to look as slender and healthy as possible, we are well advised to limit our total daily intake of salt by avoiding salty food entirely and only using the salt sparingly. Why? Because the more salt we have in our system, the more we will retain water instead of allowing the water to flush our system of impurities as it is designed to do.

Makeup – Makeup is possibly a bride’s greatest ally on her wedding day. It helps her look fresh… and it can also help to give her the appearance of having lost weight in time for her wedding regardless of whether she did or not. How? By the use of highlighting techniques in the area of the cheekbone. Put in the most basic terms this bridal beauty tip involves using a lighter shade on the top of the cheekbones and a darker shade underneath to create the illusion of sunken cheeks.

To pull this off a bride should:

1. Play with it in advance,

2. Stop by a cosmetics counter for a little free advice on pulling it off, or

3. Hire a specialist to do their makeup on the day of their wedding.

Earrings – It might surprise some to hear that their choice of earrings can impact how thin they look. It is really only common sense, but it is not something we tend to think about. Simply put, a bride attempting to appear thinner on her wedding day should avoid dangly earrings because visually they fill in the space around the individual’s neck making the individual appear fuller in the face than they really are! Instead choose earrings that stay on the ear lobe that will really draw attention to the difference distinction between the head and the neck. This is usually accomplished with larger / bolder earrings.

Hairstyle – Just like the earrings, your choice of hairstyles can either accentuate the distinction between a bride’s head and neck or obliterate it. This is one reason that so many brides choose to wear their hair up on their wedding day. Choosing to wear hair down can look nice as well, but it tends to create the illusion that the bride has little or no neck – even though anyone who thinks about it can see otherwise!

Shoes – We have all heard the joke about not being over weight… just too short! Whether this problem is relevant in the case of any particular bride or not, it is true that by choosing to wear high heeled wedding shoes a bride will end up with a longer, leaner look.

Good choices are their own reward. Luckily, even last minute good choices reap some rewards. It only takes a couple of days, for example, to drink enough water to hydrate a bride’s skin and flush excess salt from a body to prevent excess water retention, thereby presenting a bride that is slimmer and healthier looking than she otherwise would be. Likewise, understanding how the choices we make in styles and accessories impact our overall look is a simple and cost effective way to creating a slimmer looking and more beautiful bride – all by following these last minute bridal beauty tips.

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