Lip care exercises for sexier lips

Lip care exercises for sexier lips

Lip care exercises for sexier lipsLips have only three to five layers of skin cells compared to 15 over rest of the body. So you need to take care of your lips and protect them, much more than you do for the rest of your body. Essentially, protect your lips against the environment just like you would protect your skin, with moisturizers, sunscreen et al. It might be a good idea, however, to avoid regular usage of lip-balms hat are petroleum-based, as these are addictive. So look for balms that are non-petroleum based.

Pronounce Your Pout with Exercise

Here is an exercise that will give your mouth a younger, firmer and fuller look altogether! The Lips get enlarged and the lines above the upper lip smoothen.

You can do it while sitting up or lying down.

The Exercise:
. Hold your lips together, without clenching your teeth.
. Put the tip of your index finger in between your upper and lower lips.
. Press lips together and visualize your finger as a stick that is being crushed.
. Gradually, pull out your finger from between the lips, while seeing the stick.
. Draw the energy point out and lengthen your imaginary stick until you feel the burn.
. Pulse your finger up and down quickly for a count of 30.

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