applying lipstick

Applying Lipstick Perfectly

applying lipstickTo facilitate the task of lipstick application to you and pretty finished, start by eliminating the small skins being able to level on the lips. The lipstick being slightly draining, these last will arise with a cracked effect, to avoid!
Lipstick adds the finishing touch to makeup. It should help unite the other colors you have used and really bring your face alive. Use a lip brush to apply lipstick; this gives you more control over direction. Relax your mouth so that it is slightly open and brush on color from the corners to the middle point of both lip. Press lips gently with a tissue, but be careful not to smudge the color or to remove too much. Then brush on more color to create a deeper effect.

Begin applying by priming your lips with moisture and lip primer. If you are using a lip pencil, draw in your lip outline very carefully. The lip pencil should not drag at your mouth, so warm it up slightly in the palm of your hand first to soften it. Try resting your little finger on your chin for balance.

The next step in how to apply lipstick is to load your lipstick brush with color and brush inwards from the corners of your mouth. To give your lips the cupid ‘s bow shape, lay the brush flat to paint a ‘V’ shape or curve.

Blot your lips with a tissue, dab on a little face powder and repeat with a second layer of color.

If application time is very tight, choose lipsticks that give a fairly sheer layer of color. They are quick to apply straight from the lipstick bullet and so not need outlining or blotting.

A good lipstick will moisturize the lips and shield them from the sun without interfering with the final sheen or finish of the lipstick. These days the most lubricious lipsticks contain moisturizers like:

  • Vitamin E
  • Collagen
  • Sunscreen
  • Amino Acids

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