Lux style awards 2011

Lux Style Awards 2010 held in Karachi

The oft-delayed ninth edition of the Lux Style Awards (LSA) was held in Karachi on Monday night. Bringing together a multitude of actors, models and designers — all dressed in their off-the-runway best — the event was not of the usual song-and-dance variety. This year’s edition was a sober affair, comprising a simple sit-down dinner with an emcee, presenters and award announcements.

However, the elements seem to be conspiring against the LSAs. Shortly after celebrities began to amass on the red carpet, panic spread when the fire extinguisher was set off (reportedly due to a camera light exploding) and unleashed jets of water. This isn’t the only run-in with disaster the awards have faced — a fire backstage disrupted the ceremony in 2008.

While the celebrities went back to posing in their couture gowns, Meera was spotted in the make-up area while Mathira (in a Nomi Ansari dress) snapped photos of herself in the mirror. In a welcome change, this year’s host was stand-up comedian Sami Shah, whose hilari-ous script and well-timed jokes was a delightful change from previous hosts like Shaan (who may have star value but is an uninspiring emcee) or the irreverent Ali Azmat.

He was at ease with his many co-hosts, including Meera (who gave him the ‘Cha Gae Meera’ t-shirt by Gullak). Syed Noor (who won Best Director) praised her afterwards, saying, “Bohat acha boli ho Meera!”

Sami Shah joked about the feuding fashion councils in Karachi and Lahore and managed to reference the infamous Mathira video while on-stage with her. To her credit, Mathira played right along as Shah repeated, “aur, aur, aur?” When he asked Bushra Ansari what advice she had for upcoming female actors, her response was: “Jaldi se kissi ameer aadmi se shadi karlein” (Get married to a rich man quickly).

The acceptance speeches  were short, with winners promising to do better work. Fayeza Ansari thanked her parents, friends and the designers, make-up artists and photographers she has worked with, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (in a taped speech from New York) said his mother would be thrilled he has another trophy and Best Music Producer Rohail Hyatt thanked the team of Coke Studio.

Meera, clad in a white-and-gold sari, won the LSA Style Icon award and said she had seen Babra Sharif win it in 2003 and had always hoped she would receive it too.

But while the red carpet waterworks and the crush of celebrities gave the show a feel of glamour, the ceremony itself dragged on as the awards were announced and trophies given away. How this translates to when the show is televised — sans any performances — will be interesting to see.

Iconic TV actor Roohi Bano was given the Lifetime Achievement Award and said the standing ovation she received meant everything to her, while noted photographer Mirza Khursheed Masood vowed to continue doing ground breaking work and passing on techniques he has mastered to the next generation.


Film: Nach Kay Yaar Manana

Actor: Shaan

Actress: Saima


TV Serial (Terrestrial): “Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahi” (“Jee Chahta Hai”, “Jinnah Kay Naam”, “Kaghaz Ki Nao”, “Rani”)

TV Actor (Terrestrial): Nauman Ijaz for “Kaghaz Ki Nao” (Ahsan Khan, Ayub Khosa, Sajid Hasan, Shahood Alvi)

TV Actress (Terrestrial): Maira Khan for “Jee Chahta Hai” (Angeline Malik, Juggun Kazim, Saba Qamar, Sara Chaudhry)

TV Serial (Satellite): “Ishq Junoon Deewangi” (“Aashti”, “Doraha”, “Ishq Ki Inteha”, “Teri Ik Nazar”)

TV Actor (Satellite): Humayun Saeed for “Ishq Junoon Deewangi” (Fahad Mustafa, Mohib Mirza, Shabbir Jan)

TV Actress (Satellite): Sania Saeed for “The Ghost” (Resham, Sanam Baloch, Sara Chaudhry, Sonia Rehman)

TV Director: Mehreen Jabbar (Adnan Wai Qureishi, Baber Javed, Kashif Nisar, Tariq Mairaj)

TV Writer: Asghar Nadeem Syed (Fizza Jaffri, Kashif Nisar, Seema Ghazal, Zafar Mairaj)


Artiste: Mekaal Hasan Band (Mariam Kizilbash, Overload, Rahim Shah, Shiraz Uppal)

Music Video Director: Zeeshan Parwez for “Waris Shah” by the Mekaal Hasan Band (Ahsan Rahim, Bilal Lashari, Farhad Humayun, Sohail Javed)

Singer of the Year: Mekaal Hasan Band (Zain ul Abedin, Rahim Shah, Shiraz Uppal)

Music Producer: Rohail Hyatt for the Coke Studio sessions (Mekaal Hasan, Farhad Humayun, Shiraz Uppal, Shani and Kami)


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