weight lifting exercises to reduce body fat

The best tips for weight lifting exercises to reduce body fat

weight lifting exercises to reduce body fatThese days women are so conscious about maintaining ideal body weight and a slim figure. Mostly they take help from low calorie diet or meal skipping. Some also join fitness centers to do aerobics, yoga and gym.

However, a few of them avoid using weights owing to laziness or may be because it requires more effort than other exercises. They are unaware of the benefits of weight lifting.

Tips to follow

  • Try using weights more than your muscles are used to, in order to develop muscles. With continuous practice, your capacity increases.
  • Increase intensity on regular basis by adding more weights and changing sets or reps.
  • Purpose of weight lifting must be considered as well. For those who wish to increase muscular strength should follow relevant program. To lose weight only specific type of reps are practiced.
  • Take appropriate rest with workout and exercise. During this period you store energy for the next program and muscles shape in that time. Do not focus on same muscle group for two consecutive days.
  • Don’t forget to warm-up before any exercise program
  • Lift and lower the weights gradually as abrupt movements may cause cramps and aches.
  • Breathe continuously and do not hold it.
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