Protecting skin from Sun Damage

Protecting your skin from the rays of sun is an everyday necessity. The best way to keep your skin looking younger is, habituating to apply sunscreen lotions before going out. Following are some simple steps to follow on everyday basis to protect the skin from sun’s rays.

  • Apply sunscreen lotion everyday before starting from home, after washing the face and hands.
  • Skin’s texture gets spoiled easily, out of the UV rays of the sun and hence your day’s outing with the light colored cap on your head reduces the effect of the sun and keeps your skin younger.
  • If you feel your whole body needs sun’s protection, it’s better apply the sunscreen lotion, all over the body before going out.
  • Sunscreen lotions generally gets expired very soon, and if you have one that purchased by you last summer, better throw it away and get fresh one.

Apart from the sunscreen solutions there are some other factors, to protect your body from the sun’s rays. Following are such of it’s kind.

  1. Avoid wearing Synthetic wear in summer. Cotton dresses help our skin by absorbing the Harmful UV rays from sun.
  2. Light colored clothes are advisable to wear, as the dark shades absorb easily the UV rays. Light colors really helps you looking better in hot summer…!
  3. To help reduce your risk of skin damage from sunlight, try to minimize your exposure to the sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when the sun’s rays are strongest.
  4. Those who are under medications need to avoid getting exposed to sunlight. This is because; most of the drugs start reacting to the hot sun’s rays, when the body gets exposed to sun.
  5. Drinking black tea…. helps your skin really! Black tea has an astringent and its tannins are great soothing sunburns.

Helpful Hint on sun care:

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