Wear prints and patterns with style

Prints and patterns make fashion fun. But, wearing busy fabrics and having it look good can be difficult. These clothes can make true fashion statements and are great conversation starters if worn in the right way. Learn how to wear prints and patterns, which designers design their collections around busy fabrics and what accessories every girl needs to have.

Balance it Out

When wearing a sassy print or pattern, you need to remember to balance things out. If you’re wearing a busy top, pair it with a neutral pant or skirt and if you are wearing a printed pant, wear a plain top.

There are so many fashion designers who favor prints and patterns and many that are for using beautiful fabrics in their signature collections. Here’s a look at some of the most famous designers who them.

Custo Barcelona: Well known for the t-shirts with bright and intense graphic prints and patterns. This designer from Barcelona, Spain gets inspiration from all over the world, which is portrayed through his designs.

Pucci: Dramatic prints and rich colors swirling in pink, purple, yellow and other rich colors are always included on everything from tops, to dresses, to handbags and shoes, not to mention bathing suits and luggage. When you see this design, you know it’s a Pucci.

Roberto Cavalli: Cavalli is well known for designing prints and busy patterns. Cavalli’s printed jeans are a huge hit among the “fashionista” set. His prints are always edgy. Many times prints and patterns are mixed together for that bohemian-esque look.

Marc Jacobs: Although Mr. Jacobs favors bold solid colors, he also loves to design his collections with polka dots or small flowers and other prints.

The Print and Pattern Illusion

Anyone can wear prints, no matter their size with these hip tips. Take a look at your body type. If you’re bottom heavy, a printed top and black pant (which can give the illusion of being slimmer) would look fantastic. If you’re top heavy, wear a black top and a beautiful printed skirt. Don’t forget a pair of basic black heels to finish the look.

Accessories with Prints and Patterns:

If you don’t want to wear bold and busy clothing and don’t think it’s flattering on your body type, you can always wear accessories with prints and patterns. A great Pucci bag or boots always look great. Look for vintage Pucci that will make your look unique.

Shoes with prints and patterns could also be a fun way to dress up your look. When wearing “busy patterned” shoes, wear a basic black dress or jeans and a basic top. This will draw attention to those amazing shoes and will balance out the look.

Go Ethnic

Shop around for ethnic clothing and accessories in subtle rich jewel-tone fabrics and prints. Sari’s from India in a beautiful pattern and fabric would look stunning paired with a basic dress. Or, a bejeweled Chinese gown in a signature Asian print would be an interesting twist on prints and patterns.

What Not to Do

  • Don’t wear head to toe prints ever.
  • Wear only one print piece at a time.
  • Never wear printed accessories when wearing clothes in busy prints or patterns.

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