How to Live Longer

How to Live Longer

How to Live LongerEverybody wants to live longer, and healthier. The life expectancy now decreases due to a large major factors. This includes, but not limited to diets, lifestyle, self-perception, mood, purpose and more. People in olden times lived to be more than a hundred years old, because they only eat fruits and vegetation. Methusela lived more than 900 years old. But after the flood, as the Bible says, people began eating meat or animal flesh and this greatly affect their health up to this time. Diet and lifestyle is two of the major factors that affects longevity.

Based on my research, the following tips below can help your quest on how to live longer.

Tips on How to Live Longer

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables – Very important tips on how to live longer is to eat healthy and hearty diets: Balanced diet foods are essential in the production of essential body repairs. Take balanced diets that will supply your body with adequate nutrients for the body’s metabolic system. Best source to this are fruits and vegetables. Also, consume a large amount of whole grains. People who eat more fruits and vegetables live the longest and healthiest.

Exercise Regularly – Another great tips on how to live longer is to exercise each day, for good blood circulation and deeper breathes. Strenuous activities do your body a lot of good. It will help you maintain a constant body weight. Exercise does also catalyze the body to produce endorphins. This is one important tips on how to live longer.

Keep an Ideal Weight – Avoid obesity in order to live longer. If an individual carries a lot of extra weight around because they eat too much and exercise too little (or not at all), their joints will wear out sooner than those of a thin person. Because the hearts of overweight folks have to work harder than those of slimmer people, the former may die sooner. So if you want to live longer, keep slim.

Get a Good Laughing – As the Bible says in Proverbs, “Laughter works like a medicine”. Be sure to get a good laugh to live longer. It even does wonders to dying person, cited by a research. A good laugh is like a mini-workout – 100 to 200 laughs are equivalent to ten minutes of jogging or rowing, says US cardiologist, Dr William Fry. One way on how to live longer is to laugh often.

Get a Pet – Animal lovers will be happy to know that having a pet can add years to your life, as well. One of the first studies in this arena, which appeared in “Public Health Reports” in 1980, showed that the survival rates of heart attack victims who had a pet were 28 percent higher than those of patients who didn’t have an animal companion. So get a pet, this is tip on how to live longer.

Have Purpose in Life – People who have purpose in life, tends to live longer. Many people over the age of 100 claim a reason behind their life, and suggest that their reason has helped them reach such ages. Some reasons for living can be as practical as providing food for others, or even as abstract as providing inspiration. Get a purpose in your life and this helps you how to live longer.

Eat More Fish and Less Meat or No Meat at All – This is another type of food that can help you live longer. One of the most compelling health statistics is that seafood eaters live longer and healthier than do meat eaters. Meat flesh contains carcinogens that causes cancer and affects people on how to live longer.

Quit Alcohol and Smoking – Everybody knows the harmful effect of these substances. These are some of the two major factor that affects people how to live longer. These two factors shortens life by damaging your body and mind. Avoid alcohol and cigarette and can help you live longer.

Drink Plenty of Water – Another tips on how to live longer is to drink more water and less coffee or tea. Since our bodies are made up of about 61 percent water, it’s common sense that we should consume plenty of it. Water flushes our systems of impurities and keeps skin glowing as an added benefit!
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