Shahrukh to continue smoking

Along with his acting skills King Khan is also been known to be a chain smoker. Shahrukh has often been ticked off by Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss for smoking in public as it would set a bad example for youngsters. But this has had no effect on the superstar and he continues enjoying his drag, least bordered where he is. But recently it came as a surprise when a leading Kerala daily Malayala Manorama reported that actor has decided to give up his tobacco addiction. The interview conducted at Pollachi in Tamil Nadu where the Bollywood icon is busy shooting for Priyadarshan’s Billo Barber quoted him saying, “The idea of quitting cropped up during a 17-hour flight. So if I can do without smoking in flight, I am sure I can do without it on land too.” Shahrukh had also reportedly said that he planned to kick the habit for his children’s sake. But when asked about the same, Shahrukh straight away declined of having made any plans to quit smoking.

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