When Should You Color Your Hair?

When Should You Color Your Hair?

When Should You Color Your Hair? When is the best time to color your hair? There can be several answers to that question. Here are some of those potential answers.

1. Color your hair when your natural color begins to fade or turn gray. For many women this can happen in their 30′s or 40′s, although it may be earlier or later. You may wish to consult with a hairdresser about the best shade for your hair, and whether you should color all your hair or just add a few highlights. You can always start with a little color and add more next time if it turns out well. Once you start coloring your hair, it’s a good idea to keep it up consistently, perhaps monthly, to avoid the appearance of dark roots as the color grows out.

2. You may wish to color your hair to try a new look. Just don’t go extreme! If your hair is medium brown, try a shade that adds rich, red highlights. Or if you are blonde, go a shade or two lighter in the summer. Of course, if you are bold, you may decide to risk everything and go for a completely opposite color, say from black to blonde or brown to red. Know how to reduce or eliminate the color if you don’t like the outcome.

3. Formal or unusual entertainment events may prompt you to experiment with hair coloring. Frosting your hair, blending highlights, adding sparkle, or coloring just the tips can add a special glow to your usual hair color. Depending on your age and personality, look for something new and different that accents rather than hides your natural color. Ask your hair salon stylist for ideas or suggestions, along with family members and trusted friends.

4. Be sure to follow directions if you color your hair at home. Take the allergy test to be sure you’re not allergic to any of the chemicals in the color solution. Also take the strand test to check for shading before using the product all over your hair. Advise your hair stylist to do the same if you opt for a commercial color job.

5. Wash your hair at least twelve hours before coloring. Clean hair is essential for the color solution to take hold of the strands and seep into the hair shaft. But don’t wash your head just before the coloring job, as you could lose vital skin oils that help to protect your scalp during coloring.

6. Color your hair at home when you have everything you’ll need. The kit provides basic items, like gloves, cap, color, and instructions. But you’ll also need a timer, a washcloth or wet napkin for wiping smudges off your face and neck, and a clip to hold the cap in place. At the salon you may want to wear an older shirt in case of spots, although the body cover they provide will likely keep the product from touching your skin or clothes.

Coloring your hair is an exciting way to look more youthful or attractive. Follow these steps to make the most of your hair coloring job.


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